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Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 AllofE Events of 2011

In honor of the last business day of the year, we would like to reflect on AllofE’s top 11 events of 2011. This year has been by far the most exciting yet and it looks like next year will be even better. Please take a look at some of our greatest highlights of the year!

#11 – New Additions to AllofE’s Extended Family: 2011 blessed us with three weddings, one engagement, and one birth. We welcome the new spouses, soon to be spouses, and the baby.

#10 - Community Support: AllofE Solutions became a sponsor to the Basehor-Linwood Education Foundation’s 8th Annual Golf Classic this year. We also volunteered at the local Jubilee Café to feed those in need and adopted a family for Christmas through the Adopt-a-Family Program.

#9 - ContentM and SMASHUP implementations: Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association (, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association (, University of New Haven (, Kent State University (, House of Apparel (, and Derrick Thomas Academy ( – just to name a few… all using our new panel and social media apps.

#8 - UMKC Charter Schools Organization partnership to implement eCurriculum for member schools: AllofE is working very closely with Kansas City area charter schools to integrate technology into their curriculum management processes. The system is configured on a per school basis and allows the school to manage the what, when, and how of classroom instruction as well as map the curriculum to Missouri GLE’s, Show-Me Standards, and Common Core Standards.

#7 - Released version 2.0 and 2.1 of Interactive Campus Mapping System for nuCloud: AllofE Solutions is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with nuCloud, LLC for the development of the second version of the nuCloud Interactive Campus Tour mapping platform, which was released in early Q1. The new version features a completely redesigned back-end that leverages AllofE’s robust development framework. It moves away from the previous Flash environment and takes advantage of the latest Google Maps API to provide customers with an unparalleled ability to easily create unique, content rich, affordable virtual tours and maps in a familiar interface.

#6 –Members Only System for Massachusetts Secondary School Associations: We are working closely with MIAA and MSSAA to build a new Members Only system, which allows schools to manage facilities scheduling, forms, rosters, schedules and athletic events. This project is slated to go live in spring 2012 and will be used in almost every secondary school in Massachusetts.

#5 – Blew bubblesheets out of the water with new version of ExamN: ExamN now supports scanner-independent bubblesheet processing, common assessment management, and alignment to the Common Core and ACT College Readiness Standards. Some of us now eat, sleep, and dream about better ways to process bubblesheets. Yes, we are nerds at heart.

#4 - eCurriculum for Higher Education: As part of the eCurriculum HE product launch, we partnered with 5 Health Science programs at the University of Bridgeport and the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Colorado, Denver. The system is geared towards accredited programs in the Health Science area to help them map curriculum to the standards and competencies required for the accreditation process.

#3 - CatalogM: This year, we launched an online catalog management system that allows universities to easily update and structure an online course catalog, without compromising the print catalog. Pittsburg State University launched their catalog this year, and we have recently started projects with a few universities whose catalogs are slated to go live for the next academic year.

#2 - Brandbase goes International: With the acquisition of Image Impact in early 2011, Repucom America consolidated two of the sports industry’s leading media and brand valuation measurement companies. Brandbase, the system that had been envisioned, designed and developed by AllofE, was a key part of Image Impact's success and dominance of the U.S. market. It was selected to become the world-wide delivery platform for sponsorship data and intelligence. Brandbase International was launched in a matter of months and is currently used by practically all of the world's major networks, sports leagues and sponsors. This includes organizations such as MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, UFC, PGA Tour, LPGA, Bristish Premier League, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Univision, and more.

# 1 - Matrix: This year, we launched Matrix, the premier data warehousing and dashboard system for K-12 school districts. With the product launch, we have implemented the system for the Affton, Blue Springs, Independence, and Parkhill school districts in Missouri; Basehor-Linwood in Kansas; and Waukegan in Illinois. Yes, data is exciting to us and sometimes people just don’t get data so we wanted to invent something that will truly revolutionize the level of data intelligence and decision making abilities for K-12 districts.

Thanks for the great year everyone! As they say in German, “Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!” which is me wishing you “a good slide into the new year!” I hope that everyone celebrates my birthday…er…New Years Eve, safely and happily!


Blogger Zach Gardner said...

It's amazing how far we've come in 2011. My favorite part was making Matrix the most usable student score dashboard any of our clients had ever imagined. This coming year is going to be an exciting one for Matrix and the company as a whole. This time next year, I wouldn't be surprised if we doubled the number of clients using Matrix.

12/30/11, 9:50 AM  

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