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Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet Stacy Cook!

I am so excited about so many different things happening at AllofE that I don’t even know where this blog should begin. I guess I’ll start by telling you that we had a company meeting this morning. Sure, that may sound pretty common to you, but company meetings don’t really happen at AllofE. We focus on efficiency and therefore don’t believe we need to waste our time telling each other things we already know that are happening around the company, but there does come a time when you avoid having company meetings for so long that it becomes a necessity. I thought we were at the point of necessity and I guess our CEO thought so too. The meeting went great. Our CEO impressed upon us the importance of the stage we are at as a company, just how far we have come over the last year, what he wants us to focus on now and how each of our roles are important in driving us to the next level. I hope everyone else is pumped, because I am!

Before I get to the employee highlight, I’d like to update you guys on what has been going on. Halloween was a lot of fun; Bryce won the best Halloween costume (the gorilla in the middle) and was therefore awarded a beautiful pot of mums which he says shall remain at his desk until next Halloween (where I assume he plans to pass them off to the next winner? Haha, I hope he takes care of them so that they can last that long). We had a delicious baked potato bar and finally dwindled down our giant pile of sweet treats.

AllofE presented one of its newest and most popular products, Matrix, alongside Basehor-Linwood school district at the Kansas Department of Education’s annual conference in Wichita. There was a good turn out of people despite the other 14 sessions taking place simultaneously, so hopefully we’ll be able to partner with some of those attending districts soon.

Coming up, we will be volunteering at the Jubilee Café, a bright and early morning where we hope to give back to the Lawrence community. That same day we will be starting an exciting new “Cooking with Culture” event in the office where we partner up with a coworker and present a breakfast or lunch that is traditional in another culture. David and I are up first, but what we will be making is a surprise. I will tell you that it is a breakfast that is quite popular in America, but is not originally from here and has made its way around the globe. I think we will be educating people on the history of our breakfast and try to pull in traditional versions of it from the countries that it is popular in.

Well before I go overboard, let me introduce to you Stacy Cook, who used to be Stacy Schwind, but just recently got married! Stacy is 25 and from Lansing, Kansas. She graduated from KU with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications and minors in Business and Sociology. Stacy has been a part of AllofE for three years now and has many different roles including Business Analyst, Office Manager, HR Coordinator and Snack Maker. When asked what Stacy liked the most about AllofE she said, “The ability to learn and grow. I started out on the marketing side and have transitioned to the technical side because of huge opportunity to learn new things from some very smart people and expand and strengthen my abilities.” Stacy is currently working on converting William Jewell College’s old ContentM to the “latest and greatest version of ContentM which includes the use of panel pages.” Get to know more about Stacy by reading through the following questions!

What are some of your hobbies and interests? Reading sappy, girly books; spoiling my dogs; working out; spending time with friends; and learning new technology, of course!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A Disney princess or a Zoologist – I had soooo many Zoobook magazines!

What is your favorite food item or meal? Mexican food

Who is a celebrity you would like to meet? Well, not exactly a celebrity, but Walt Disney - So smart, talented, and just a big kid at heart!

Would you rather cut off your own arm or have a friend cut off six of your toes? I would pass out immediately during either of those. The site of blood makes me so sick.

Complete the Gorilla (aka Wheat State) Challenge or the DonDon Challenge? Pizza please!

Drink 16 oz. of lake water or a spoonful of sewage? Lake water

Eat a pig’s tail or cow brains? Pig tail

Live in a high rise apartment in New York or a log cabin in Alaska? New York, New York!

Be the CEO of a Wall Street Company or a State Representative? State Rep

Be a famous artist or famous musician? Muscian

Complete a marathon or a triathlon? Triathlon

Be on Real World or Big Brother? Real World

Mac or PC? PC

Thanks, Stacy! Have a fun, warm weekend everyone!



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