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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Bryce Minter!

Another week is about to come to a close and that just means that we are one week closer to Halloween. While, I unfortunately do not have an elaborate Halloween costume planned, I do have a small October to-do list to get through. What is on that list? Well, firstly, I want to eat as much pumpkin-flavored food items as possible. I’ve kind of had a slow start, but it is about to pick up. I made some pumpkin-squash-coconut soup last week. I just bought pumpkin-spiced bagels and I’ve collected all the necessary ingredients to make some delicious pumpkin waffles this weekend. Of course I’ll have to make a pumpkin pie and maybe some pumpkin bread or muffins too before the month ends. I highly recommend pumpkin ice cream for those ice cream lovers out there, it is probably my favorite. Next thing is to visit the pumpkin patch and the apple cider mill. Our very own Louisburg Cider Mill is supposedly ranked as one of the top ten in the nation. It has been over a decade since the last time I was there and I think it deserves another visit. Third on the list is going to Worlds of Fun during their Halloween Haunt season. I’ve never been, but I hear great things. Sounds like I’m going to be busy for this weekend and all of next week!

But enough about me and my plans! It is time to meet another one of my coworkers! Today we are highlighting our Computer Science Intern, Bryce Minter. Bryce is a KU student from Kings Mountain, North Carolina and has been interning with us for just over a year. When asked what Bryce liked the most about working at AllofE, he said, “The sheer amount of projects and code base to work on and the calm, relaxing atmosphere.” He says he works on a little bit of everything. If anyone needs something done, Bryce is willing to do it. Check out how Bryce answered some of my other questions:

• What are some of your hobbies and interests? In my free time I like to do programming, mainly game programming, but also enjoy doing parkour when I have time outside of school and work.

• If you could have any talent what would it be and why? A photographic mind to remember any date, any day perfectly upon recalling information.

• If you could create a new law for the U.S. what would it be and why? It wouldn't be passed if I proposed it anyways...

• What is your favorite sport and/or sports team? Don't really have a favorite but I hope that detroit does pretty well this year because I have the quarterback for my fantasy team!

• What is your biggest pet peeve? People who don't respond when they are in front of any type of screen, especially texting.

• Stuck in the freezing mountains or the hot desert? Depends on the situation I was left in, if I had the tools to survive in the freezing mountains then the freezing mountains but if I didn't have any tools then the hot desert.

• Mercedes Benz or Porsche? Im fine with the car I have now lots of money has gone into it.

• Cake or Pie? I shall answer your question with a question, Is boston cream pie considered a pie or cake?

• Extra pair of arms or extra pair of legs? Arms, I think it would take to long to get used to an extra pair of legs. Also theres no place for the legs to really go.

• Most famous person in the world or completely unknown by anyone but your mother? Why not shoot for the most famous person, nothing to lose, at worst I end up being completely unknown by anyone.

• World’s longest finger nails or world’s biggest ears? World's biggest ears the better to hear you with!

• Mac or PC? PC

• iPad or Laptop? Laptop. Can't program on a iPad.

Thanks Bryce!

Everyone in the office is starting to plan out their costume ideas because Halloween falls on a Monday this year and that means we get to come to work as whoever we want to be! We’ll definitely be posting some pictures of how that turns out. Then it is on to Thanksgiving festivities! Oh, how I love the holiday season.

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