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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet Tyrian Phagan!

Yipee! Thanksgiving is here at last and so is a mini-vacation! While there is a not-so-pleasant history and unhealthy gluttony associated with Thanksgiving, I choose to love the holiday regardless because it brings my family together and it is a perfect time to make them my guinea pigs for new vegan recipes ;) This year I’m making Sweet Potato Gratin and Green Bean Casserole, but I’m also bringing plenty of other vegan spreads, dips and munchies for them to try as well!

Last Friday was quite eventful in the office. The majority of our company came together bright and early in the morning to volunteer at the Jubilee Café, a service provided by the First Methodist Church for local citizens in need. We were all surprised to see a lot of volunteers up at 5AM and to find out that not only would we be cooks and cleaners but also waiters and waitresses instead of just servers behind a buffet bar. I thought the experience was really cool and I think the Jubilee Café is a wonderful program to have in Lawrence. I’m really glad that so many people from the company decided to get up so early just to help out. After that, David and I whipped up a delectable French breakfast with crepes, croissants, yogurt, bananas and a large assortment of yummy toppings for Day 1 of the Cooking with Culture event that we have recently brought into the office.

On top of all those events, we have all decided to come together to adopt a family for Christmas. This is the first time that I’ve ever adopted a whole family for the holidays, but I couldn’t be more excited. As we get into December, I’ll keep you updated on our charity mission. We’ve decided the best strategy at this point is to all pool in money, then let the girls go shopping J Don’t you think that is probably the best idea too?

Enough chatter, time to meet AllofE Software Developer, Tyrian Phagan! Tyrian is 29 years old and from our very own Lawrence, KS. He graduated from KU with a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Computer Science. He has been here for just under half a year and says the thing he enjoys most about working at AllofE is being able to work on a lot of different things. He is currently working on ExamN bubblesheets. When asked what one of his hobbies was, Tyrian said reading books, mostly science fiction. Get to know more about Tyrian by reading how he answered the following questions:

Be a rice farmer or cotton picker? Cotton picker

Go zip lining or white water rafting? Zip lining. I have already been white water rafting.

Own a python or an alligator? Python

Eat snails or eels? Eels

Complete Sushi Delight (#3) Challenge or the Jack-n-Grill Challenge (#13)? Check them out at this website:


Be on Fear Factor or Survivor? No

Take a bath in a tub full of jelly fish or sun bath at a bee farm with a sweet scented tanning lotion? Bee farm

What is your all time favorite food? Pizza

What do you usually do for Thanksgiving? I go to my best friend's mom's house

Do you have a dish you are looking forward to eating for Thanksgiving? Pecan Pie

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? Masters degree

What type of music really gets you energized? 80's rock

Mac or PC? PC

Thanks Tyrian! I wish everyone safe travels over the holiday break and lots of good eating!


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