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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Thousand Different Reports. Just Three Clicks.

Powerful, Fast, and Flexible
One of the most iconic reports within Matrix is our lightning fast Drilldown report, which allows school districts to dissect their entire set of data in any way they can imagine using just a few clicks. Our Drilldown report processes huge amounts of information, tens of thousands of data points, in just seconds and groups the data by school, grade, and student sub-groups like gender, race, IEP, and ELL/LEP. Here is a list of typical questions which can be answered using the Drilldown report in just a few movements of the mouse.

  • In which school did female Hispanic students score the lowest on the state test? Two clicks.
  • Do my 3rd grade free and reduced lunch students score better on the AIMSweb test or Acuity? Two clicks.
  • Between all of my elementary schools, which teacher has the highest number of special education students? And how did they perform? Three clicks.

Details are Important
All of the scores in the Drilldown report are color-coded to highlight areas where the district is doing well and areas where the district is struggling. District administrators love to check into the Drilldown whenever new test data is uploaded, so they can get an overall look at how their district performed on the latest assessments. If they see any red-flags they can then instantly dive into the data and determine which student subgroup, teachers, or even classroom course section may have caused a drop in scores. Remember, context is everything, so Matrix will always show the number of students which make up each group and allow you to drilldown to the individual student scores which make up an average.
The Drilldown encompasses all of our main goals with Matrix:

  1. Bring all types of data together in powerful, but easy to use reports.
  2. See top level data, but be able to get to the details in a couple clicks.
  3. Give districts the ability to make decisions by centralizing key performance data.

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