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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behavior Documentation and Tracking for K-12

Helping districts use data to take more proactive steps towards behavior incidents. 

To effectively analyze and improve a student’s performance, teachers often need access to data beyond a student’s test scores. One example of such data is behavior. As with other types of data analysis, the more detailed and more rich the data is, the better we are at noticing trends and making decisions using it.

The Matrix Behavior Documentation module facilitates this process by providing a quick and easy way for teachers to track behavior incidents at a detailed level.

It gives administrators a comprehensive view of behavior across the entire district, at a building level, and at an individual student level. The district can look at this data in a number of different ways including yearly data, monthly data, referral type (proactive or reactive measure), physical location of the incident, time of day the incident occurred, and more.

 Behavior data is then aggregated at a student level for analysis with the student’s attendance, assessment or test scores, and demographics to give teachers and administrators a comprehensive picture of student progress and performance. This also allows the administration to make policy decisions like having additional adults at lunch or bus time to reduce the number of behavior incidents.

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