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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Everyone has data. Our goal is to have everyone use it.

You have the data. We've spent the last few weeks getting it all from your piles of spreadsheets and student information system into Matrix. Now what do you do?
Luckily, Matrix isn't just a data warehouse. Yes, Matrix stores all kinds of data ranging from Fountas and Pinnell to the ACT to AIMSweb and even attendance, behavior, and assignment grades, but the real power of Matrix is in the dashboarding and reporting tools which allow districts to use all of their data to make game-changing decisions for their schools, teachers, and students.

Using Key Performance Indicators
An Index Measure is a numeric value assigned to a student based on various key performance indicators (KPIs) like attendance percentage or test proficiency. This allows us to normalize different academic areas which could never have been viewed on the same scale before. We can then use these student Index Measures to determine school, grade, teacher, and district performance.

Using Index Measures for College Readiness
An increasingly important and popular Index Measure is college/career readiness. Because every district does college readiness slightly differently, the Index Measure can be customized to include any set of KPIs and performance levels. For this example we will look at a college readiness measure which has two performance levels: “college ready” and “not college ready.”
Just showing up is a huge part of college and career success, so the first thing we are going to include is a student's attendance percentage. Let's say if a student has 90% attendance or better we will give them a point. These points will come into play when we determine how college ready a student is.
Next let's look at classroom and assessment performance. In the classroom, we can expect a student to have earned a C or better in their Algebra class to be at the level they need for college mathematics. We also expect the student to have scored at least a 21 on the ACT exam. Now combining all of these KPIs we can come up with the college/career readiness percentage for a student and aggregate it for a teacher or school.

Making it Easy
Index Measures are adaptive and completely customizable. Add new tests or academic indicators to any Index Measure at any time with no manual calculations. Matrix makes it easy: just pick the students and key performance indicators and let the system do the rest. Spend your time using data not finding it.

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