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Friday, February 11, 2011

SchoolE Awards Update for Week 2/5 - 2/11

The SchoolE awards are rocking and rolling this week! We've been receiving hundreds of nominations all week from across the U.S., giving us almost 5,000 nominations thus far. Today alone we've received more than 500 nominations, and most of them (80% to be exact) have come from Rockingham County Schools in Eden, NC. Not only did they break into the Top 10, but they're currently in 3rd for total nominations! Remember: one day of nominating could make all the difference to get your district ahead of the rest!

We also received nominations from Academy 20 in Colorado Springs, Col., and from Aleutians East Borough School District in Sand Point, Alaska, this week, making them the first district nominations from Colorado and Alaska, respectively.

With only 4 weeks left in the nomination round don't forget that only the top 15 most-nominated districts will move on to the judging round, so it's up to you to get your district the recognition you feel it deserves.

Use these tips to increase your chances to move onto the judging round:

  • Use Facebook and Twitter to nominate! Not only does this allow you to nominate up to 3 times (if you nominate via email address, too), it also posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages so your friends can see you've nominated your school district and remind them to nominate too!
  • Use a SchoolE Nominate Badge for your district website. Encourage your district to put a SchoolE nominate button on the district homepage to get even more nominations - you'll find instructions on the top right corner of the Nominate page.
  • Tell your students and community.The majority of nominations are coming in from teachers. Make sure to spread the word to your school staff and students, friends, family and the community to help push your district through to the next round.
  • Don't Stop the Nominations. Even if your school is ahead don't stop nominating. We've seen districts with zero nominations go to the Top 5 within hours. There is no limit on how much a district can be nominated each day, so keep nominating and spreading the word to stay ahead!

Also remember that we have a few new features:

Keep up the nominating and good luck to all districts!

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