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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Closer look at SchoolE District Profiles

We've been putting in some hard work into the SchoolE Awards site and I wanted to give you all a good overview of the changes we've made and things we've added so that you can really take advantage of them!

Here's a quick overview of the brand-spankin'-new District Profiles pages (Click on the screen shot to view district profiles for the top nominees):

  • How many nominations needed to move up to the next rank: this stat is in red in the top left-hand section of the page
  • Recent Activity: this is the percent of nominations the district received on a given day: This stat is relative to the total amount of nominations received for that day.
  • Association Nominations: The percentage from which nominations are coming from (i.e., administration, students, staff, parents, teachers, alumni or the community),
  • Nomination Types: what type of nominations have been made through email addresses, Facebook and Twitter
  • Category Rankings: ranking in the district's respective category (also shows the district's total number of nominations)
  • Overall Rankings: the district's ranking overall
  • District Profiles include: a screen shot of the district website, a link to the district site, and a short excerpt about the district
  • Comments: a place for district stakeholders to leave comments



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