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Monday, February 28, 2011

edYOUcator opens to broader audience

Have you heard the word yet?

You can now register for a pin number directly from the edYOUcator site. Didn't get access after an email request or taking part in the Twitter drawing? Now's your chance.

Go to Perform a search. Click "Click here." Fill out form. Voila!

Easy as pie.

Happy searching!

One other thing. You can now add YOUR lesson plans, right from the search engine. Just send us your info here.


Don't forget: Send an email to with any questions, problems, suggestions, etc., etc., etc. edYOUcator is still in its very early stages and the only way to make it better is through YOUR feedback. We are looking to supply educators with ONLY THE BEST resources. We want to minimize the amount of searching you have to do to find the best lesson plans or assessments, so we're being very particular about what is added to the search engine. But that also means we want to hear from you, to know what YOU find useful.

The more searches you search, the more questions you question and the more suggestions you suggest, the better it's gonna be.

It's a group effort!

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