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Thursday, June 17, 2010

DCWeek SMCEDU Panel Video

This video is from the SMCEDU panel at DCWeek. It discusses a lot about the lack of social media in higher education and how useful it can really be. It works hand in hand with the SMashup we offer for university social media initiatives. Click here to find out more about the SMashup. Social media in higher education is so lacking, and SMCEDU is truly trying to bring change. I'm happy to be a part of it-Watch this video!

It's tragic really, that employers expect new employees to know social media, but universities aren't teaching it in class. Well, I take that back. A few are. Professor Yaros is.The ContentM SMashup will allow universities to pull together all aspects of their social media initiatives. But using social media should go far beyond recruiting purposes. Educators should be integrating social media into the education experience, as Yaros said. There's so much more to social media in higher education than just using it for recruiting purposes. It's sharing, it's collaborating, it's learning, in a community. Social media can no longer be ignored. And universities that continue to ignore social media, in any facet, will learn the hard way.

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