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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ContentM for Educators and Recent Webinars

We recently launched our newest product for educators, ContentM for Educators, that will allow elite educators with a deep passion for technology to create and manage their own high-end websites. The websites for elite educators will feature seamless social media integration and help educators establish their virtual brand, all while better serving students, parents and the community. To kick off the launch of ContentM for Educators, we've created a series of three Webinars, the first of which was facilitated by myself, and hosted by Eric Sheninger and Patrick Larkin, elite administrators in their own right.

The following Webinar discusses ContentM for Educators featured functionality that would be most appealing to administrators and developing a brand. It also addresses some questions that have come up since our first Webinar.

The most recent Webinar is geared toward teachers and how teachers can take advantage of ContentM for Webinars to create websites to better serve their classrooms.

Click here to view the Webinar for Teachers

This is an extremely exciting time for us with so many people showing such interest in building an elite educator website. Please register at to receive the latest information about ContentM for Educators and for notification of new Webinar releases and for invitations to begin building your site.

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