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Friday, May 13, 2011

SchoolE Voting Now CLOSED (May 12, 2011 at 5 PM EST)

**This blog was posted yesterday, but Blogger was DOWN! Grrr!**

SchoolE voting ended as of 5 PM EST on May 12, 2011. What an exciting voting round it’s been! There has been a ton of competition, 100+ lead position changes, districts with remarkably high vote counts, tens of thousands of votes cast and more than 55,000 SchoolE website hits.

Thanks to all who participated! Every vote and nomination led this year to being the biggest and best SchoolE Awards yet. The voting round is by far the most important round, not only because it decides the award winners, but because it shows what the awards are really about - district websites with strong community support!

Remember that the votes and standings you see on the website are based on unvalidated vote counts. That means positions can and will change once votes are validated, so don’t start celebrating too early. Here are the unvalidated standings as of 5 PM EST on May 12.

I’m sure all the districts are excited for us to announce the official award winners tomorrow, but meanwhile check out these awesome news articles about the SchoolE Awards and two of the finalists. You can listen to or read the stories on K2 Radio in Casper, WY or from The Ledger in Lakeland, FL. The exposure districts have received for this year's awards has been phenomenal! Every district is coming out a winner with all the attention from not only across the United States, but internationally as well - more than 60 countries have viewed the SchoolE site!

While voting may be over, your part in the awards is not! Please let us know about any suggestions, comments, or questions you’ve had about the competition. Go to the Interact page of the SchoolE page and write us a comment.

The official 2011 SchoolE Award Winners will be announced tomorrow, May 13th. The time is still to be determined so keep an eye out!

Good Luck!



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