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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AllofE Traditions: Fantasy Football Tournament

This post was written by our CEO, Amit Guha. Every year, AllofE Solutions has a Fantasy Football Tournament for the employees. These are his week-by-week struggles with this year's tournament.

MY Fantasy Football Dilemma

WEEK 1 - The first week I started my top RB draft for the year, Ryan Grant. He barely lasted a couple of plays before injuring his knee. He was out for the game and soon we found out that he was out for the season.

WEEK 2 - The second week, I had Michael Turner and Reggie Bush as my two running backs. Michael Turner ran for 75 yards in the first half. He had done nothing the previous week and I thought that my luck was turning. But not so fast-he was injured before the half and sat out the the rest of the game. Then on Monday night, Reggie Bush breaks his fibula and is out indefinitely. (We later learn that thankfully, it is not his tibia, but hey, he is still going to be missing a few weeks).

WEEK 3 - Now running out of running backs, I decided to start Fred Taylor. The pattern continued and he could not finish the game either. After six carries for barely 16 yards he had a toe injury and was gone too.

WEEK 4 - The running back situation was beyond repair and it was a bye week for Romo. So, I decided to start Vick this week because of his amazing run until that point. You all saw what happened then!!!

Looking Forward

I do realize that it is a huge stretch to think that there could be any possible connection between these injuries and key players that I started every week on my little Fantasy Football team. But then you start wondering about butterfly effects and chaos theory.

I was simply accepting my bad luck the first couple of weeks and not worrying too much. But for this to happen four weeks in a row does seem super freaky.

Should I stop fielding a team for the rest of the season? Would that be the ethical things to do?

Maybe some of my you have had worse experiences. I am always fascinated by patterns and just wish that this was a different, more positive pattern. Like every RB that I ever started running for a hundred yards and a touchdown every week, etc.

Well I am going to give it another week hope that the luck of my Fantasy Football players will change for good. I am not sure what I will do, if somehow this trend continues. Then I would probably retire my team for the rest of this season.

I am of course, hoping that this act of writing about this will bring about a change. For those of you who might be interested, I plan to start Romo (Dal) as the QB and possibly Portis (Was) and Turner (Atl). Please pray for my team and do share your own stories about patterns and Fantasy Football.


Blogger Zach Gardner said...

My team has gone through struggles recently, but not as much as your's. I started Cutler last week and he got me -3 points before being out with a concussion. Last week my recievers struggled, the week before that none of my running backs lived up to expectations. It's been a brutal start going 2-2, but not nearly as bad as the injuries you've had.

10/6/10, 11:33 AM  
Blogger Katie Brosious said...

Mine's struggling too. I have a pretty solid team but I can't seem to get anything going really. Not fun.

10/7/10, 11:43 AM  
Blogger Amit Guha said...

Update: finally a week without injuries - hope the post put a positive jinx if there is such a thing and it is smoother sailing from this point on.

10/12/10, 6:18 PM  

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